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India's No.1 Gold Buyers

We Buy Gold & Release Pledged Gold For Online Price

Sale Now & Buy Back Same Amount of Gold whenever you want without any Extra Charges

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Gold Calculator

Aabharan Gold guaranty you the best price For Your Old Gold Than anyone else

Sell Jewellery For Highest Price in Bangalore

Get cash For pledged Gold


Gold Buyer

If you are incapable of releasing your pledged gold or want to sell gold, we are here to help in recovering the gold by settling the loan amount and We buy your gold new or old, at the current market rates.

Efficient Services

We are a team of professional gold buying companies in India, who always try to give the valuable options to our customers.

Gold evaluation

Get the doorstep gold purity test with our modern technology highend XRF machine to check the purity of your gold and give it the best value.

Safely Transaction

We Know your needs, So after taking your gold we will provide you instant cash or online payment. Our focus on best arranges to assure that you transact with us safely and securely.

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How It Works

Visit our gold branches

Gold Cleaning

All dirt is removed from your Gold with ultrasonic machines in front of you. Our process is very transparent which you can verify anywhere else.

Gold Evaluation

Gold Documents & Rate

We verify your identity and give you best deal of your gold as per the current market rate and purity of your gold.

Get Instant Payment

We pay through instant Rs 1 lakhs in cash, you can choose the amount remitted to your bank account via an UPIs / RTGS / IMPS / NEFT / Cheque

We use our cutting edge patented technology and advanced XRF machines in front of you to check value and purity of your gold jewellery with an accurate evaluation.

Clients give their Gold to Aabharan Gold Company for valuation. We offer doorstep services that you can sell your gold without stepping out.

Our Features

  • Certified Gold Buyer and Seller

  • Free of cost Gold valuation service

  • We provide online current market gold rate

  • Latest German XRF machine for purity check of gold

  • Price Match Guarantee 100% with market rate

  • Instant RTGS / IMPS / Cheque / UPI

  • No, damage during purity checking and gold weighing process.

  • Customer comfort and Satisfaction

  • Transparent and best Deal ever

Why choose Aabharan gold buyer?

Aabharan Gold Buyer is one of the top Leading Gold buying companies in India. Aabharan Gold Buyer is a registered firm in compliance with all legal bodies. Well trained professional team to help the customers who focus on happy selling practice. Best company in India to start the gold exchange/buying business using the most modern technology, Aabharan Gold Company is the "Best Place To sell gold". For selling gold jewelry please contact: 7428896602. or If customer search on google sell gold for cash near me our website will appear, their online consultation is available. 

Happy Customers!
Say About Aabharan Gold Company

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Simran Bhardwaj customer of Abhararan Gold Compnay

Simran Bhardwaj

Interior designer

Excellent service by the best Aabharan gold team. I will highly refer to customers. Thank you so much for the best deal.

Abharan Goal Customer reviews.jpg
Abhararan Gold Compnay customer at Jaick Parker

Jaick Parker

Internet Marketer

It was a good experience … The expert person Riya helped us in the right way.. value for money...Good platform for selling old golds. So plz do visit to sell ur gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is today's rate of Gold?
    Gold rates depend on the daily market rate and purity of your gold. Please come into our nearest branch office and check the purity of your gold. There are no additional charges for service.
  • Why should I choose Aabharan Gold company to sell my gold?
    Because you will get the best price only at Abharan Gold company. Moreover, Aabharan Gold company has gained public trust and recognition in the gold buying industry by creating an organization with 365 days of customer support and transparent service. 30,000+ happy customers at 10+ cities in 5 different states and we having 15+ Branches across India.
  • What is the difference between 22 and 24 Karat Gold?
    The value of gold is measured by its purity which is indicated in karat (k) or carat (Ct). Higher karat denotes higher gold purity. 22K and 24K gold is the most popular choice. At 99.99% purity, 24 Carat gold is used for making gold bars and gold coins. It is also used in the manufacturing of electronics and medical equipment. At 91.6% purity, 22 Carat gold is usually used for making jewellery.
  • Why is your rate lesser than market rate?
    Aabharan Gold company rate is not ever less than the current market rate. We offer to buy Gold at the current Gold buying rate. On the market basis, there are two rates for Gold which rise and fall on a daily basis. 1.The daily gold selling and 2. Gold buying prices.
  • What is the process to sell the gold?
    Walk into our nearest branch with your important documents like any original ID and Local residence address proof, Purchase bill and so on. The Aabharan Gold experts will check the documents and check your gold purity through EDSXRF 600 machine in front of you. Our offer will be the best.
  • Do you collect margins?
    Yes. We collect very small margins. We depend on large volumes of purchase across a wide network, to pay our expenses, to ensure you get the best deal, all through
  • What are the documents required to sell the gold?
    Simple, You require to bring in any Original ID, Local Address proof, One Cheque Leaf, Purchase slip of the gold ornaments, Professional ID card. the following documents i.e. Aadhar card, Pan card, Driving license, Passport ID, Election ID, Bank Statement, Work ID, Purchase Bill, Rental Agreement. In case it is pledged gold, you need to bring the Pledged gold slip. Note: we will not be able to buy from minors, aged less than 18 years of age.
  • How will you help me to release my pledged gold in a Bank or Finance company?
    Yes, you just have to please visit our nearest branch. You will need to talk to our friendly experts there, and they will help you. You need to carry all Original ID/Address proofs and your pledge receipt, You will need to fill an application and sign. Aabharan Gold experts will help you to close your gold loan and release gold from the establishment where your gold is pledged. We will use our money to pay from our end to release your gold and after deduct while buying back the gold.
  • What type of ornaments will be accepted?
    We accept all precious metal-based ornaments. Gold, Old gold, Silver,diamond and Platinum are accepted. Anything like necklace, ring, bangles etc.
  • What are your working hours?
    All our branches are open 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ( Monday to Saturday). We do not work on Sundays. But you can reach us on our numbers, and we will help you if you have an emergency. You just informed us in advance. We serve our customers apart from office time as well.
  • Are you gold buyer or seller?
    We are India based gold buyers. We purchase all kinds of broken, old, unused or second-hand gold. Remember, we don’t sell the ornaments.
  • Will you do a takeover from a different NBFC/BANK or pawn Brokers etc?
    Yes, you just walk into our nearest branch and bring your pledge slip to evaluate the gold releasing value and gold weight. We take over from NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Company), Bank and Pawn Brokers etc.
  • Mode of payment to transfer money?
    We pay customers in the form of cash and online mode. You can opt to receive an amount upto 1 lakhs in cash or you can choose the amount remitted to your bank account via an UPIs / RTGS / IMPS / NEFT / Cheque
  • How much time will you take to complete your process?
    It depends on the quantity and purity of your gold. Generally, we take about 30 minutes to approve. We use german spectrometers purity checking machine. We do it in front of our clients. So, there are no hidden charges. The evaluation is 100% genuine. and another 10 minutes to release your payments.
  • What if I am not in a condition to come to your office to sell my gold, Will you provide Door-Step Service?"
    Yes, We respect your precious time. We can understand your condition, So, we will come to your place and get the jewels from you.
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Head Office : 2nd Floor Above Al-bek Restaurant, P&T Colony, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032

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