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Release your pledged gold

How Aabharan Gold can help you release pledged gold?

Release your pledged gold jewellery | Aabharan Gold Company
Sell your pledged gold | Aabharan Gold

How to Release Pledged Gold?

Why pay interest when you have the option to release your pledged gold from pawnbrokers, NBFC’s, and other banks. The best gold company is near you to release pledged gold and pay the difference amount with instant payment through cash/online transfer mode.

Today, It has become a common practice where people pledge gold, jewellery or any precious ornaments to the pawn shops, banks, or NBFCs(Non-Banking Financial Company) against cash to fulfill personal or professional needs. And to arrange the amount for setting up a new business, the amount for arranging urgent medical, education, or any other needs. because it's an easy and fast process to get the loan on gold products. But after that most of the clients fail to release pledged gold, and the interest amount of the loan will be kept on adding month by month. Hence, it will become a difficult task for the clients to think about selling. We understand how worrisome it is to pay back the loan amount.

When it becomes hard to repay the loan amount due to the auction of pledged gold or jewellery, you may lose the true value of your precious gold product. Infact, banks are also not make you understand the details of the pledged gold and they schedule an auction as per the certain time. and that's way you lose the actual value of your gold rate.

Aabharan gold company can reduce that loss, and help you recover maximum through our release of your pledged gold plan.

We Release & Buy your pledged gold jewellery

Now, The question in your mind is whether Aabharan Gold can help you release pledged gold.

Being to gold buyers, we not only buy and sell gold but also we release pledged gold and pay you the balance amount after the amount is paid for releasing your gold. Aabharan Gold Company maintains standards of professionalism conducting transactions transparently.

We release your pledged Gold from Pawn Shops, Banks, or NBFCs(Non-Banking Financial Company) and buy after releasing your pledged gold.

Here know process of converting your pledged Gold jewellery to Cash

At Aabharan Gold Company, we make the process simple for our clients to release pledged gold from Pawn Shops, Banks, or NBFCs(Non-Banking Financial Company) etc. Our hassle-free procedure will help you get the best value for your gold.

Firstly, our experts collect the pledged gold details from the clients and then the approximate value of the gold after deduction of paid amount for releasing gold will be disclosed to the clients. If the client is satisfied, our expert will visit at the location along with the clients. And Pay the necessary amount to release the pledged gold to the pledged company. After that we check the purity of the pledged gold at our office. For this process we use the latest German XRF technology method in a transparent manner. Aabharan can reduce that loss, and help you recover maximum through our release of your pledged gold plan.We are highly process-driven, and the entire process takes on average 20 minutes.

Aabharan Gold Company will pay you the balance rate on the spot to your bank account via an UPIs / RTGS / IMPS / NEFT / Cheque

Also Documents Required to Release Pledged Gold

Original slips of your pledge gold, valid ID proof, address proof, and a passport size photo.

Eligibility criteria, As per the norms, a person must be at least 18 years and above is allowed to transact. Or Persons between the age group of 18 and 22 years should have the family members and guardian with written permissions documentation.

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